Promoting the Stepping Up Small Group Video Series

Your church’s office staff will be invaluable in helping you promote the 10-week Stepping Up video series. As soon as your study is placed on the church calendar, ask staff what promotion channels are available to you. Following are ideas as well as links to materials we have provided.

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   PowerPoint Slide

Video Promotional Trailers

Video Trailer 30 Seconds

Video Trailer 60 Seconds

Video Trailer 120 Seconds

–  Distribute flyers in Sunday school classes or small groups.
–  Put up posters in well-traveled areas, such as hallways, classrooms, restrooms
–  Request an announcement on the church’s website, in newsletters, and in the worship service; send an email to men.
–  Place a banner ad on your church website.
–  Ask your pastor to “endorse” the series and encourage men to attend.
–  Show the video trailer in a worship service and in men’s Sunday school classes.
–  Set up an information table before and after services.


If you are opening up your study to other churches or the larger community:

–  Place posters in other churches and in community businesses (ask permission first).
–  Send an invitation through Facebook to your Facebook friends and ask them to forward it to their friends as well.
–  Send a Twitter message to your followers.
–  Request a public service announcement on your community’s radio station and/or cable provider’s community channel.
–  If feasible, place an ad on local websites and in local newspapers.
–  Send a press release to local media.


Stepping Up Video Series Downloadable Promotional Materials.

Before printing, customize the poster and bulletin insert files with your date, location, and other information.


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